Roman and medieval town, the main center of the Langhe, gastronomic capital.

The second largest city in the province of Cuneo per population, for history and economic role is the most important center of the Langhe.

Nestled in the beautiful natural scenery of the Langhe, of which it is the historical and economic capital, Alba is a city full of culture, history and traditions. It is the ancient Alba Pompeia, rich in archaeological testimonies of its glorious past.
The city includes among its citizens illustrious men as the Emperors Publius Elvio Pertinace and modern entrepreneurs. Alba is known for its beauties, its renowned industries and its gastronomic products, including truffles and wine, well known around the world.,_Piedmont

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Province: Cuneo - Elevation: 172 m. - Population 31.000

Tourist information:

Ente Turismo Alba Bra Langhe e Roero – A.t.l Langhe e Roero –

Agenzia di Accoglienza e Promozione Turistica Locale delle Langhe e del Roero – I.A.T.

12051 Alba – Piazza Risorgimento, 2 – Tel. +39.0173.35833 – Fax n. +39.0173.363878

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Associazione FIAB Alba:

Getting to Alba

Alba is served by the SFM 4 (Torino – Alba – Bra) railway line. Some of the trains carry bicycles, but not every one.

The Alba – Asti railway is currently dismantled.

Bus services connect Alba with Turin, Asti, Cuneo and other locations.

The closest motorway to Alba is the Asti – Cuneo.

More info: Tourist Board Alba Bra Langhe and Roero – Langhe and Roero