Roman origins (Pollentia), Roero‘s main center, gastronomic capital.

Located between the hills of Roero, the land of “rocche”, vineyards and castles, the town of Bra is a crossroads of history, food and wine excellence and culture. It has roots that sink in the Neolithic age and affect the Roman empire and the Savoy dynasty, whose traces are still clearly visible on the territory.

Today, it is famous as the homeland of the Slow Food movement and of the University of Gastronomic Sciences, for its excellent sausage, for its international opening events and to be one of Piedmontese baroque cradles.,_Piedmont

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Province: Cuneo - Elevation: 285 m. - Population 30.000

Tourist information:

Ente Turismo Alba Bra Langhe e Roero – A.t.l Langhe e Roero –

Ufficio Turismo e Manifestazioni di Bra – I.A.T.

12042 Bra – presso Palazzo Mathis – Piazza Caduti per la Libertà, 20
Tel. +39.0172.430185 – Fax +39.0172.418601


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Getting to Bra

Bra is served by the SFM 4 (Torino – Bra – Alba) railway line. Some of the trains carry bicycles, but not every one.

Bus services connect Bra with Turin and Cuneo.

The closest motorway to Bra is Turin – Savona (Marene exit).

More info: Ente Turismo Alba Bra Langhe e Roero – A.t.l Langhe e Roero