Alba – Asti (medium - 35 km - 3h 30')

We start from the Langhe to arrive in Monferrato, two hilly chains among the most famous in Europe, not only for the beauty of the landscape but also and above all for the gastronomy, the wines, the narrations by great writers. Not to mention the artistic interest of Alba and Asti, rich in Roman and…

Asti – Casale Monferrato (challenging - 51 km - 5h 10')

The route crosses the Monferrato from Asti at Casale , between beautiful hills and places of remarkable interest, including Moncalvo and the Crea sanctuary.

It is a hilly path, rich in climbing and therefore challenging, although the toughest climbs can be avoided by by taking for short sections the busier provincial roads.

Avigliana – Pinerolo (medium - 32.7 km - 3h 15')

The route connects two beautiful medieval towns: Avigliana, one of the most important centers of the Susa Valley, and Pinerolo, entry point to the Chisone, Germanasca and Pellice valleys.

Bra – Alba (easy - 19 km - 1h 50')

The path that connects Bra and Alba, main cities and ports of Roero and Langhe, is short but evocative, can be tackled both by bike and by walking and mostly along the Tanaro River surrounded by beautiful hillside landscapes.

Casale Monferrato – Vercelli (easy - 28 km - 2h 50')

Path entirely plain, very easy and on little frequented roads, connecting two significant art cities.
Leaving Casale and Monferrato, you are mostly walking among rice paddies, with a frequent presence of herons and egrets, but there are a few interesting centers such as Balzola and Asigliano Vercellese, before arriving in Vercelli.

Chivasso – Casale Monferrato (molto facile - 57 km - 6h 0')

The trail, almost entirely plain, runs along the Po and the Monferrato hills connecting Chivasso, an important railway and road junction of Turin, with Casale Monferrato after crossing the provinces of Vercelli and Alessandria.
It follows the track of Eurovelo8 and the first part of the future Ven.To cycle path, crossing several interesting centers.

Chivasso – Ivrea (medium - 45 km - 4h 40')

A mostly flat trail, crossing the Canavese along the Dora Baltea river, connecting Chivasso and Ivrea.
Interesting places along the way, the Mandria hamlet, the Mazzè castle, the Candia lake.

Chivasso – Vercelli (medium - 60 km - 6h 0')

The route is almost entirely in the plain, passing from cultivations of cereals to the rice fields of Vercelli, always in contact with the water: in Chivasso from the river Po flows the Cavour Canal, the main source of irrigation of northern Piedmont, from which branches an infinity of canals and ditches.

Ivrea – Lanzo (challenging - 61 km - 6h 5')

You cross the Canavese, with its pleasant hills rich in history, in a challenging path for frequent ups and downs.

Starting from Ivrea, and remaining close to the mountains, many small interesting centers are to be visited, and some major towns such as Castellamonte and Cuorgnè. Then, passing from Valperga, you head for the Vaude climbs to finally reach the Lanzo valley.

Lanzo – Avigliana (medium - 34 km - 3h 20')

A beautiful path at the foot of the mountains, between the valley of Lanzo and the valley of Susa.

From Lanzo, you ride at the feet of the mountains up to Caselette, then you enter the valley of Susa and reach Avigliana.

Pinerolo – Saluzzo (medium - 42 km - 4h 0')

The route connects two medieval towns important for the artistic and political history of Piedmont, Pinerolo and Saluzzo, located at the entrance of two regions, the Pinerolese and the Saluzzese, that include alpine valleys of great beauty.

Saluzzo – Bra (medium - 39 km - 3h 55')

A flat route, leading from the Saluzzese mountains to the Roero hills. It is crossed by small towns and towns little known, but rich in history, interesting art elements, historic centers to be discovered.

Torino – Alba (medium - 62 km - 6h 10')

Starting from Turin the route goes along the Turin Hill, then crosses the plain before climbing up the hills of Roero, and finally goes down to Alba, the main Langhe town.
We ride mostly on secondary roads, passing through important cities such as Moncalieri and a number of interesting and characteristic centers such as the Casanova abbey and the Roero towns.

Torino – Asti (medium - 68 km - 6h 45')

This enjoyable route that leads from Turin to Asti and the Monferrato passes through the hills on secondary roads. It is long, but not too demanding.

Torino – Avigliana (medium - 33 km - 3h 20')

Starting from Turin and traveling almost always on a dedicated cycle track, you leave the city towards the castle of Stupinigi, ride along the Sangone river and arrive in Avigliana, important medieval town of the Susa valley.

Torino – Bra (medium - 55 km - 5h 50')

The route follows back the course of the Po river from Turin to Carignano, then heads to Carmagnola and to the hills of Roero, and finally arrives to Bra. Significant points of interest from the artistic and cultural point of view, both in Moncalieri and Carignano, and interesting environmental locations along the Fluvial Park of Po, including the Molinello area, the Santa Maria chain, the oasis of the Po Dead, the Roero.

Torino – Chivasso (medium - 32 km - 3h 10')

The route extends along the right bank of the Po river, at the edge of the Turin Hill, leading from Turin to Chivasso, an important road and railway node from which the routes to Ivrea, Vercelli and Casale Monferrato begin.

Torino – Lanzo (molto facile - 37 km - 3h 40')

The route goes from Turin to Lanzo Torinese, starting point to three beautiful mountain valleys very close to the city.
It is one of the classic cycle paths of the province from Turin, on secondary roads always frequented by cyclists. The ascent is there, but it is very gradual, almost not to be perceived.

Torino – Pinerolo (molto facile - 38 km - 3h 45')

Starting from Turin and passing from Stupinigi Castle you arrive at Pinerolo.
It is a classic route of Turin cyclotourism, because it brings in a territory, the Pinerolese, rich in cycling trails and routes for all tastes and for all levels of difficulty.

Torino – Saluzzo (medium - 55 km - 5h 30')

Pleasant plain route, almost entirely on dedicated cycle paths.

Starting from Turin, you pass through the castle and park of Stupinigi, the park on the Chisola torrent, the cycle path of Via delle Risorgive (spring waters), to reach Saluzzo with a slight final climb.

Vercelli – Ivrea (medium - 59 km - 5h 50')

The route, which is part of the Via Francigena di Sigerico, connects the Vercellese to the Canavese, passing gradually from the plain to the hillside. In the first part, from Vercelli to Santhià, traveling through Olcenengo and San Germano, you ride among the rice paddies, accompanied along the route in the coldest seasons of herons,…